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A program dedicated to increase the athlete’s performance and to help reduce injury. An individualized program created for the athlete by a highly trained professional.

Goalkeeper Training:

Our goalkeeper training provides the most up-to-date training methods and techniques. 

Our specialized coaches provide technical instruction, tactical insight, and psychological 


Kelly Walsh, MS in Nutrition:

Kelly’s nutrition passion began 10 years ago when she consulted a nutritionist to help her run her first 1⁄2 marathon. She incorporated simple dietary changes, keeping hydrated and eating whole foods. Kelly went back to school and received her undergrad in Nutrition and Dietetics from Montclair State University. A year later completed her Dietetic Internship from Priority Care Nutrition in Boston, MA, followed by completing her master’s in nutrition from the College of Saint Elizabeth.

"Every single day that I am a nutritionist, I am invigorated with educating people on how to eat healthy! I believe food is one of the most important decisions we must make every single day. I love working with people who are motivated to working hard to get to their personal goals being weight loss, endurance training or running your half marathon."

Currently, Kelly is working as a cooking/nutrition instructor at the private school in Whippany, NJ. She also is a co-writer in a blog called Kelly is a volunteer nutrition counselor for the Mountain Lakes HERD Football team and is a personal cook for private clients.

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