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To get the best out of your players let ESA coach the games to give instant feedback to the week’s training:

Every club appreciates the time and effort of the parent coaches, but sometimes a team schedule does not allow the parent to be at every game. ESA can provide your practice trainer for each game and ensure that players are getting the most out of it. 

To ESA the game is the indicator on the level of progress made by the team from hard work and dedication to practice. We do not treat wins as the target, we teach result of the game as the product of continued effort during the week’s practices.

Our philosophy for games is simple; every player must play large portions of the game and be rotated around the field in ALL positions. All players should:

  • Experience each position multiple times throughout the season

  • Experience the atmosphere of the game during different times, such as the start, the end, during a tense period of pressure and during good and bad results.

  • Play goalkeeper numerous times throughout the season

  • Play on both sides of the field, no matter which is their dominant foot

  • Get plenty of playing time based on the age group criteria below following.


ESA can provide your travel teams with trainers to coach each practice during the week:

Professional trainers are proven to get the best out of your players. Their full time job is the development of players within the team and the continued progress of each individual that they coach. ESA trainers will put together a season plan for the team based on our proven curricula and the age group and ability of the team.

Trainers can be once, twice or even three times per week depending on the level and the funds available to the team. ESA always recommends that all practices are run by our trainers so as to keep continuity and philosophy throughout the season and every practice session. 

Our team trainers are experienced in dealing with teams of players and getting the best out of everyone following our company philosophy of maximum ball contact and intense, efficient training session. No line drills, lectures or laps are used and players are motivated and taught in creative ways.



Playing time, captains, and starts should vary at different age groups but the following are ESA’s general rules:

U8 and U9 – Equal playing time for ALL players. Captains are rotated each game and every players is given the opportunity to start a game.

U10 and U11 – Playing time should be no less than half a game on average over the entire season, but players should always play at least a quarter. Playing time is earned based on commitment to practice, focus, attitude and skill levels. Every player should be able to start a game.

U12 – U14 – Playing time is more reflected on the above criteria but there is still a minimum of a quarter in league play. High level competitions can vary the playing time but this is still a development age group and committed players should get their chance to play.
Players at this age group tend to gravitate towards certain positions and their preferences should be encouraged to allow a high level of specialization. No one should be forced to play any position but rotation can be minimized to allow players to become master at their favored positions.


U14 and above – For these age groups it is at the discretion of the club and their philosophies. Players will probably have been given a position at high school level and be used to it as well as accept that all playing time is earned through hard work.

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